Instant E-Sim for your smartphone anywhere in the World.

NO NEED to wait for Plastic Sim Delivery

3 minutes and get your new internet plan.

We sold +200.000 Esim cards in the last 5 years.

Ideal to connect while Travelling


Instant Activation


No Contract

Why use our E-Sim

When you travel, internet access is important.

For looking up maps and reviews, not to mention being able to communicate with your travel partners and your family/friends from home. More than half of us use our phones to check-in for flights or pay for upgrades when we travel.

One of the main reasons travellers switch out SIM cards is to avoid roaming bill shocks.

Which can be astronomical even for quick tasks. The eSIM could be the answer to a lot of hassles for international travellers. No more wasting time getting a physical SIM card, fighting to get it activated, or buying more data than you need. With an eSIM, you can get your data plan lined up before you leave for a trip and activate them with the click of a button once you land, with the option to pause the data usage and to activate more data plans if you stream a lot.

Holiday Travel Benefits.

This is a definite boon for travellers visiting many countries, for instance with cruises that might make port in a different place each day. With the eSIM access, you can stay connected with your travel mates or family members no matter how many locations you visit.
More than 25 percent of business trips are just a day long. When you spend a short time in each place, you do not want to spend time hassling with getting a physical SIM card each time.

You do not need to visit a shop or deal with local restrictions.

When you are using an eSIM. You might not even have to change the APN codes on your phone, making it easier for the less tech-savvy as well. You get internet access from the moment you arrive and do not have to keep track of different tiny SIM cards or plans.


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